Writing Retreat in Croatia and Montenegro

October 22-November 3, 2022 

Immerse yourself externally and internally

Writing doesn’t have to be a static or solitary experience. Join us on a 13-day adventure through Croatia and Montenegro where we will draw from the smells, sounds, sights, tastes and textures experienced throughout this trip to inspire your creative juices to flow.


As you explore the spectacular landscapes, historic backdrops, and new cultures in these two wonderful countries, you can finally get started on that novel, non-fiction book, memoir, or short story you’ve always promised yourself you’d write. I have personal experience in all these forms of writing.


“If you have the opportunity to work with Liz to write your book, the adventure will be amazing and unforgettable!”

~ Ramona Oliver, Inclined Elders: How to rebrand aging for self and society

Join me on this unique writing/travel experience so I can share with you the insights and practical tips that I have developed since I began my professional writing career in the 1980s. Experience drawn from having written or co-authored over 20 international, mainstream published non-fiction books (some of them award-winning), plus a debut novel that was picked up by Penguin Random House SEA.

“It comes as no surprise to me that Liz and her clients are continually awarded meaningful accolades, and that she's sold upwards of a million books in her career.. (she) takes you far beyond what you ever thought you could achieve.”

~ Naveen Lakkur, FOUND: Transforming your unlimited ideas into one sustainable business


What you can expect:

  • A welcome questionnaire from which I will tailor the tour’s writing component to the group’s specific needs.


  • An optional “breakfast assignment” linked to the travel aspect of the day ahead.


  • A series of invaluable, interactive lectures including strategies for writing that I have refined over decades with my international clients.


  • “Masterclass examples” from commercially successful, acclaimed books to study as you wish.


  • Optional add-on (additional cost): One-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions during which we can discuss and appraise your ideas and/or writing.


  • In Montenegro: Daily “office hours” where you can sign-up for one-on-one half-hour sessions with me to discuss your work.


  • Farewell dinner readings to give you the opportunity to share what you have been inspired to write during our time together.

“Wow! Liz just helped me launch my memoir that has been a constant struggle until our partnership brought it to life; getting my message on the page when it had only been swirling in my mind for months.”

~ Dr. Anne Harbison, Never Waste a Crisis

NOTE: This writing retreat will not focus on the ins and outs of finding an agent, how to be traditionally published, or self-publish your work. It is designed solely to use the unexpected encounters within a small group travel experience to inspire you to write.

Praise for my novel, Lies That Blind:

"Lies That Bind transported me to another time and place, like any good historical novel should, but it also gripped me with intrigue, wonderfully flawed characters, and  masterful storytelling. E. S. Alexander has pulled off a visual and dramatic powerhouse that pulls you in and never lets you go until it's had its complete way with you. But, isn't that what every reader wants from a memorable story?

Jeff Lyons, Author of Anatomy of a Premise Line and Rapid Story Development, screenwriter, and film/TV story consultant


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Lies That Blind

Malaya, 1788:
Aspiring journalist Jim Lloyd jeopardises his future in ways he never could have imagined. He risks his wealthy father’s wrath to ride the coat-tails of Captain Francis Light, an adventurer governing the East India Company’s new trading settlement on Penang. Once arrived on the island, Jim-as Light’s assistant-hopes that chronicling his employer’s achievements will propel them both to enduring fame. But the naïve young man soon discovers that years of deception and double-dealing have strained relations between Light and Penang’s legal owner, Sultan Abdullah of Queda, almost to the point of war. Tensions mount: Pirate activity escalates, traders complain about Light’s monopolies, and inhabitants threaten to flee, fearing a battle the fledgling settlement cannot hope to win against the Malays. Jim realises that a shared obsession with renown has brought him and Light perilously close to infamy: a fate the younger man, at least, fears more than death. Yet Jim will not leave Penang because of his dedication to Light’s young son, William, and his perplexing attraction to a mercurial Dutchman. He must stay and confront his own misguided ambitions as well as help save the legacy of a man he has come to despise.

Inspired by true events, Lies That Blind is a story featuring historical character Francis Light (1740-1794) who, in an effort to defy his mortality, was seemingly willing to put the lives and livelihoods of a thousand souls on Penang at risk.